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If you are reading this, you have probably been struggling with your SEO and trying to improve it, so you can get the much needed leads to make your business profitable and successful.

It is definitely not an easy feat… that is unless you stop making the same mistakes you've been making without realizing what they are and start doing the things that matter for your SEO.

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This information has not been shared widely, not in one rocking handbook, ever before, as much as I'm aware.

I have put together the ultimate guide that details everything you need to do in order to rank your own website for any keyword.

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This is real world useful knowledge that will MAKE YOU rank your own website, or help your client beat their competitors.

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First let me tell you a bit about myself.

I'm a digital marketing aficionado that has an intense passion for SEO.

Having built and ranked several sites in lucrative niches and helped countless people rank their sites over the past 8 years, I was regularly talking to a lot of friends and clients who were stuck while trying to build and rank their business. One of the greatest roadblocks to their success of their business is, you guessed it-  SEO, that is where they are unable to move forward. They seemed to have tried virtually every service that they could buy- but that didn’t work to get their sites to rank better.

With the limited time I had to analyze their sites and seo campaigns, I felt pretty bad with what I saw in each case of all of the failures.

Their mistakes were so obvious!

Every time I talked to one of them, I felt like I was repeating myself, as a lot of them were often making certain mistakes with which there was just no way they could rank.

It was then that I decided to write up my manual and have it available for everyone to read, study and practice. I put my heart and mind into this book, with the intention of helping anyone who would read it.

A lot of my friends knew some basics, but these basics weren't really enough.

They arrive at a point, where they realize, that they can only get a sizeable amount of traffic if they can get in the Top 3 of Google for their targeted keywords.

In order to take the 1st, 2nd or 3rd spot for your choice keyword, you need to thwart the ones already ranking there.

In other words, you'd need to

- not be making the most common SEO mistakes

- reverse engineer, track and replicate what the Top 3 are doing

- control and steer your outsourcers well

And trust me, it's not that hard, if you know what you're doing!

As an example, a lot of the times, you'll notice none of the Top 3 are really even targeting their keywords right!

- They don't have the keyword in page title or even in the content a lot of the times. That's opportunity for you, right there.

In this book, I'll explain the above and a lot of other mistakes and measures you can use to outrank your competition.

I've put 8 years worth of practically applicable knowledge into this book and thousands of hours of writing so that I don't miss anything important for you.

If you can use these methods to improve your SEO, you can potentially derive a lot of value for your business - nothing compared to the cost of this book.

- Imagine not having to pay for expensive text ads for your most profitable keywords

- Potentially save thousands on your Adwords campaigns and have organic rankings send free traffic to your site

- maintain your rankings so you never run out of traffic and profitable leads

If you are in a highly competitive industry such as health or finance, you have the most to benefit from this guide.

Just one extra lead can pay for your investment in this book many times over. It'd be great to hear from you after you have benefited from the knowledge contained in this guide!

This guide is packed with details, video, inside info and more that will increase your website’s traffic and rank you above the completion for the top money-generating keywords.

Here is just a few of the things that you will learn that are included in this book:

Why You Must Rank Your Website

The Best 4 Keyword Research Methods

Onpage SEO Methods You Can’t Avoid

Identifying and Focusing On Your Top Keywords

How to Write Content That Sucks In Long Tail Traffic

Free Tools You Can Use To Rank Easier

Internal Linking 101 with Wordpress Special

How To Judge Quality Of A Backlink – This is Crucial

Competition Analysis and Knowing What Exactly You Need To Rank

How To Do Tiered Backlinking The Right Way

What’s So Good About Natural Backlinks

Spinning Your Content

SEO Practices That Will Absolutely Result In Failure

What Your Backlink Profile Should Look Like

Types of Free Backlinks With Lists You Should Get

Use These Linking Opportunities And You’ll Rise Above All Others

How to Judge Your Paid Links Right – How To Avoid Getting Scammed

Anchor Text Distribution 101 – Mess Up On This and You Are Guaranteed Failure

Targeting Your Crucial Long Tail Keywords

Using Your Competitor’s Hard Work to Rank Your Site

And Much Much More..

Download It Right Away and march your way up to success with highly profitable keyword rankings made easy with knowledge even an absolute novice can follow and succeed with.

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I KNOW you are going to make a lot of money with this, so I have absolutely no problem backing up my words with an iron clad guarantee.

Let me keep this very simple. If after using this knowledge, you do not make any money, simply ask for a refund and I will process it. Zero risk to you.

I want you to know that there is NO EXCUSE to not set up your autopilot funnel now.

Why wait when you can click the button and get started right away even if it is 2 A.M.?

A lot of people are not happy about me making this available to everyone and I have been seriously advised to take this down.

BUT…I really want to share this and I know a lot of people can use this real SEO advice and resource to make a lot of money.

I am also looking forward to having you share your successes when you join our successful entrepreneurs club.

Yours in Success,

Manpreet Singh

P.S. I want you to emerge a very large winner in your online endeavors, which is why I am offering a 100% money back guarantee for you. There is no way you can lose here. If you take this once in a lifetime opportunity and take action right now, you won’t regret it!